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Landscape Contracting

Buildscape represents a platform for the skilled and dedicated teams of Architects, Planners and Technical staff, eagerly wanting to demonstrate their capabilities in the wide landscaping field, aiming at achieving the satisfaction of our Clients. Our services are not limited to executing a given design but expand beyond to providing design concepts and detailed designs that cover the whole scope of the works namely the infrastructure, the hard and soft landscape, the advanced irrigation systems, the landscape lighting, the drainage systems and the water features, all customized to meet the Client’s expectations.

Design Concepts in association with DB & Associates Texas, USA:

Buildscape’s Alliances include international technical teams who had long experience in the Gulf Countries, operating remotely as well as on site, are well equipped with the knowledge and experience to tackle all kinds of landscape projects. Namely DB & Associates® are located in Texas, USA, and CM Grina® located in California, USA, fully dedicated to the Alliance with Buildscape. Upon receiving a Client’s request for a landscape design concept, depending on the type and amplitude of the job, as well as the time table of the project, the request shall be directed to one of the teams who shall initiate the process with the necessary design questionnaires that would enlighten the architects on the Client’s requirements. The job would be evaluated, preliminary concepts would be sent to the Client for initial feedback with comments that would be incorporated in the second submission of the official design concept. Upon the Client’s approval, the design concept shall be processed into a construction drawings and details along with specifications and the whole set of the project deliverables, to the extent agreed by all parties.

DB & Associates® are a lean team of experts who worked in the Gulf for decades, some illustrations of their designs stand witness to their achievements

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Design Concepts in association with CM_Grina – California, USA:

CM Grina ® is a creative and leading team of Landscape Architects who worked in Kuwait for over two decades, their corporate and private designs proved an unsurpassed talent.

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Design Development :

Buildscape’s local technical team is capable of developing further to shop drawings all the master design drawings, edit and elaborate on the details to suit the local specifications and environmental aspects of the project, which represents the key of success of any design.

Project Management :

Buildscape’s management strictly monitors the progress of all projects, fully supports the project delivery teams in line with the standard norms and ethics of the industry.

Project Execution :

Buildscape’s project managers and project delivery teams are keen on respecting the three main elements of a successful project: Quality, Cost and Project Schedule..

Project Maintenance :

Buildscape staff and skilled labor force is capable of maintaining the whole range of tasks attributed to post execution of a Landscape project. Adopting a preventive approach that respects the environment and keeps the greenery at its best.